A Pro Seller Membership is required for anyone looking to have digital names listed for sale on this website.


To ensure that the digital name you are listing for sale will be transferred to the buyer upon payment, we will require that the  digital name be transferred into our account ($DigitalNamesMarket). Once the transfer is made, all attached currency and public key addresses will be removed, as part of what does for all  digital name transfers. If you choose to remove your for sale listing, the  digital name will be transferred back to your account.


A seller may cancel your for sale listing and transfer your  digital name to anyone at any time. You may change the details and price of your listed  digital names at any time. You may choose to offer a discount to pro buyers as well.


All payments will be sent directly to your payment methods listed in our pro seller control panel. We do not take any listing or end of sale fee. Your pro seller membership fee is the only fee that is required.

Selling Digital Names - FAQs


We will try to provide the answers to the most common asked questions regarding the listing of any  digital name for sale on this website. If you have any other questions please email us at


1. How many Digital Names can I have listed for sale?ANSWERThere is no limit to the number of digital names you can have listed at any given time on this website.2. Is there a maximum price for my listed Digital Names?ANSWERWe do not have a maximum price you can set your digital name listings for. Your payment processor may have limits on your sales price or volume. Please check with them for more details.3. May I have my website url in the details of my Digital Name Listings?ANSWERSure, we do not have any limitations on what you use in the details of your digital name listing. We only ask that any website links or urls do not go to illegal or adult nature websites. Notification to you of any violations of the use of website urls. We are a safe PG environment.4. Do I have to accept lay-away as an option for purchasing my Digital Names?ANSWERLay-away is an option made to our Pro Buyer Members. This option is allowed for any digital name listed on this website. No exceptions are made. You may cancel the sale at anytime, which will also cancel the lay-away, and return any payments made by the buyer.

We do not offer refunds on purchases of Digital Names. All sales are final.

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